Free Coffee with Refreshment Services Pepsi & Jet Stop

Warm Your Neighbor program:

We gave away $10 certificates at Jet Stops Friday mornings in November and December.  We were joined by Refreshment Services Pepsi as they gave away Free Coffee during our visits and throughout November and December they gave $0.10 per cup to help the Warm Your Neighbor program!


11/4/22 7am-9am Jet Stop North
11/11/22 7am-9am Jet Stop South
11/18/22 7am-9am Jet Stop New London
12/2/22 7am-9am Jet Stop South
12/9/22 7am-9am  Jet Stop New London

The Warm Your Neighbors program through Jet Stop

The Warm Your Neighbor, or “WYN” program was established by B&B Propane in the summer of 2009. The Southeast Iowa and Northeast Missouri regions were facing serious economic downturns. In addition to the decline in the local job markets, the sudden loss of a family member or an unexpected medical expense can severely impact a family. The B&B Propane staff realized that there was a real need for help in the areas they service. Many families, who took pride in being responsible and paid their bills on time, were facing temporary setbacks that resulted in a financial impact that left them struggling to afford their heating costs.
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In 9 Years:

Jet Stop convenience store employees have raised almost $10,000.00 during their annual fall campaigns. Local schools joined the fundraising efforts and have donated over $2,800.00 to “WYN”. Generous donations from individuals, businesses, and schools have seen the “WYN” fund grow to $118,000.00!  Every cup of coffee you pick up during our visits to various Jet Stops gives 10 cents to this program.